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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 31, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of puerto rico. we'll talk more about earl coming up. and at this hour, 72 at reagan national. 62 for winchester. upper 60s in easten. same in southern maryland. so we have a mild start to the day. there may be a very isolated patch of fog, but it won't last long, as it's going to be another sunny and hot day. 79 by 9:00. 92 at lunch and 92 for the drive home. we top off about 3, 3:30, 4:00. not a record. it is 5:00 a.m. straight up. that means it's angie time. >> that is enough to knock me out. hope you are off to a great morning right now. a nice and quiet start on our roadways. let's take it outside and show you the top of the beltway. it looks like we are moving smoothly from 95 over to georgia avenue. making your way in towards virginia. flying high above 50 headed westbound from the bay bridge. all the way beyond towards washington. it looks like we are okay.
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all lanes open. inbound new york avenue, the same situation. no real problems between the washington times building towards that third street tunnel. and finally let's end with a shot in virginia. 395 headed northbound. we are moving at a great pace towards that 14th street bridge. peggy, back to you. >> thank you very much, angie. hurricane earl is barreling towards the east coast. the national hurricane center is now warning coastal residents in virginia and maryland to be on alert as we head into the holiday weekend. 9news now reporter, kristen fisher is live in the satellite center with the very latest. kristen. >> peggy, as of now, the storm is expected to brush the east coast, but keep in mind this is still a very strong category 4 storm and at the very least, it will likely kick up some very dangerous rip currents over the labor day weekend and you know, as we have already seen what kind of deadly impact those kinds of currents have been having in ocean city. a 51-year-old woman was loaded
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on to a helicopter in ocean city monday. rescuers fear she may have been paralyzed by an accident in the rough surf. >> the woman was on her board and a large wave came and knocked her over. >> and she couldn't move. >> she was one of three swimmers rescued with serious spinal cord injuries in ocean city on monday. this came after a weekend where life guards rescued more than 250 people. and the search for 20-year-old melcus delgado has been called off. he was swimming near 20th street, now he is presumed dead. all of this is blamed on rip currents and a big surf driven by a hurricane hundreds of miles away. now there's another storm looming. hurricane earl is strengthening and moving towards the maryland coast. officials are preparing for the worst. >> everybody is ready and we are watching it. we are crossing our fingers that it doesn't impact the weekend. but once again, people really need to pay attention to what's going on over the next couple
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of days. >> clearly, hurricane earl is causing big concerns among residents and homeowners along the virginia and maryland coast. i will introduce you to what one community is doing to try to prepare for this storm coming up at 5:30. peggy. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news. police are handling a barricade situation in the 12,000 block of great park circle in germantown. at this point, they are not sure if the man inside is armed or he has a hostage. we are continuing to follow the story and we'll have more information as it becomes available. >> the race for dc mayor enters what many call the final leg and adrian fenty appears to be in big trouble w. two weeks to go before the democratic primary. vincent gray is leading by 17 percentage points among likely voters. this according to a washington post poll. outside election headquarters, both camps were determined to
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make statements on the first day citizens could -- we talked to adrian fenty about his trailing lead. >> our campaign strategy as it has always been to go door to door, talk to voters directly. people are saying okay, fenty may be running as a slight underdog, they are going to look at my opponent a lot more closely. >> we said to everybody since we saw the result of the poll, complacency is the enemy of victory and we have to double our efforts. >> mayor fenty has the washington post endorsement. chairman gray just about every other big endorsement. but he is being out spent. fenty's $4 million to gray's $1 million. did the georgetown strike again? that's the question after someone broke into a house and assaulted a sleeping woman. police say the woman woke up to find the man in her bed. there have been a dozen similar ousts of faults in the georgetown area since 2008. most of the victims have been
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female college students and the attacker got into the house through an unlocked door or open window. >> you just have to be smart about it and lock your doors. >> we are taking this seriously. we are increasing our police presence to try to see if we can catch someone. but we are going to need the public's assistance here. we are going to need folks to call us if they see anything suspicious. >> police say this time the man forced his way into the house. they say he ran out after the victim started screaming. no charges are expected to be filed against an 80-year-old driver who struck and killed a nine-year-old girl. it happened yesterday afternoon in farconia, virginia. three girls were riding their bicycles and tried to cross the road. the first two girls made it, the third girl, rebecca johns of alexandria was struck. she died at the hospital. a bird strike forces an alaska airlines jet to make an
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emergency landing. it happened last night shortly after takeoff from lax to vancouver. the plane had no visible damage. stranded passengers began flying out to their destinations a short while later. two men on a united airlines flight from chicago to amsterdam were questioned after a cell phone taped to a bottle, a knife, and a box cutter were found. u.s. officials say they found items at washington's dulles airport in baggage checked with the men. the official identified the men as ahmed and hazam, both of yemin. the men are in dutch custody, however they have not been charged. it is 5:06 and time for our latest living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview on the day ahead on wall street. >> we are starting the day with the dow dangerously close to going below the 10,000 level. investors have a lot to consider. we are going to get a reading
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on june home prices. investors waiting on the minutes from the federal reserve's august policy meeting. for trading so far, asian stocks lost ground after more losses here at home. the dow starting this morning at 10009. it dropped 140 points yesterday. the nasdaq was off by 33 and the s and p500 was down. >> small businesses are hiring fewer people. firms with 20 employees or less added just 26,000 jobs last month. that's about half of what they added earlier this year. and small business owners outlook for the economy also fell significantly from july to august. get ready for a new feature in your g mail inbox today. google is launching g-mail priority inbox. this pushes your most important e-mails to the top of your box. the group reports that the typical corporate computer user sends and receives about 110 e- mails a day. i totally believe it. >> i get about 100, you know.
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and so who decides what is most important as far as e-mail? >> it's based on your user experience so far. so your friends are going to go higher, the boss that you e- mail all the time is going to go higher. maybe e-mail offers you don't want from retailers are going to drop down. >> make sure that boss e-mail goes to the top. what do you have coming up next? >> we have our money saver. >> i like that. all right, look forward to it. thanks. the time right now is 5:08 and next, the news continues. you know those miners in chile trapped for nearly a month? they are doing fine considering it could be a while before they are rescued. plus, flu season is just around the corner. coming up, see how one shot could protect you against h1n1 and two other forms of influenza.
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welcome back. we are traveling eastbound on 267. not going to find anything on your track. we have more real time traffic coming up. stay with us. in the news now at 5:10, rescuers are drilling a tunnel to save 33 miners trapped deep underground in chile. the miners know it could be months before they are rescued. however, they say they are doing better since they have food, water, and medicine. the miners have been trapped for 26 days now. and indonesian volcano is awake again, spewing ash and erupting for the first time in 400 years. the volcano had been dorement until this weekend. the ash is causing delays. the government had evacuated part of its province. about 21,000 people are now in temporary housing. thousands are returning to a town in the southern part of pakistan spared by flooding. however, they are finding food and fresh water in short supply.
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it is estimated that more than 1600 people died and 6 million others were displaced by flooding last month. still ahead, it's a trend doctors are calling disturbing. coming up, what's behind the skyrocketing figures for teen athletes rushed to the emergency room. time now, 5:11, howard. >> the thermometer, can't tell it by looking at that, with midsummer form. we'll talk about how much longer the heat will last and the latest on hurricane earl when we return. ote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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welcome back to 9news now. we have another warm day coming up today. >> that's an under statement. >> blazing hot day coming again. >> if 96 is warm, what classifies as hot? >> 100 is hot, hot. >> you have high standards. it's going to be hot for the rest of us, warm for peggy. we'll be back in the mid 90s not just today, but tomorrow. by thursday and friday, temperatures still over 90, but starting to trend in the right direction. let's get you started with your forecast first on this tuesday morning. 72 right now. it's clear. it's a little hazy in spots and warrenton reported visibility at a half mile. everybody else not too bad. 79 by 9:00. 92 at noon and 5:00.
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we have code red air quality. if you go to my blog at i posted a note about the tip that you can do to help on a day like today, when we have too much ground level ozone and just precautions and steps you can take. all right,, clear, mild, low 60s. it is going to warm up quickly today. sun is up at 6:35 or so. then this afternoon, sunny, quite hot again. not too humid. mid 90s and variable winds, only about 5 miles an hour. one of the reasons we have the unhealthy air and it's not mixing things up. back in the low 60s. low 70s in town and by the bay. there's the 63 in manassas. 64 culpeper. right here in warrenton where they have the half mile visibility. frederick 61. although hagerstown at 69. western maryland and west virginia, a couple 61s.
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oakland at 68. tieing and your 69 and our friends, 72 right with reagan national. wind north at 3. humidity 71%. but dew points in the low 60s and as long as they don't get higher than that, they won't feel so lowsy as far as the humidity is concerned. high pressure pretty much where it was yesterday. it's stuck, it's not moving. our weather conditions aren't going to be that much different. we go to the tropics. this is fiona, still 40-mile an hour winds. you can see it not well as organized as earl with this well defined eye. this thing is a classic looking hurricane now. check this out. look at these dark reds. these big thunderstorms wrapping around the center here as this continues to pull away from puerto rico. looking toward the bahamas and east coast. 5:00 a.m. advisory. just came in. winds at 135 miles per hour. a category 4 hurricane with gusts to 160 moving up to the west, northwest. this thing is going to track
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west of the bahamas and get awfully close. here we are, 1:00 a.m. thursday morning. forecast to weaken a little bit. however, look how close it is to the outer banks. everybody has to watch out friday morning. passing us friday, maybe getting close to cape cod as we head towards saturday morning and racing up toward new finland as it weakens over land and colder water. mid 90s today, tomorrow, low 90s thursday and friday. we aren't going to see much weather with that. cooler down though by the weekend and labor day now, sunny and warm with a high of 87. it is 5:17. good morning angie. >> hello howard. it is tuesday and we hope you are off to a fantastic start. right now the roads sure are. nice, green, and clean across the viewing area. we want to take you over to 95 headed northbound. no incidents, no accident out here in this part of virginia, but we are looking at a little bit of volume building starting
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around this exit at 123. the beltway in virginia your lanes are open for business right now from the wilson bridge towards braddock road, continuing on towards the american legion. maryland tracking your trip also on 270, headed down towards the spur. all that construction going northbound at 121 and 117. that is all cleared out of the way and finally, let's give you ridge road. it is closed. this out in the germantown area at observation drive. it's on going police activity, peggy. >> thank you very much. in this morning's health alert, this year's version of the flu vaccine is an all in one. that is supposed to protect against swine flu and two other types of influenza. last year the new h1n1 strain peeked before enough vaccine can be produced leading to long lines and frustration. this time around, shipments went out early and are already available to the public at pharmacies, doctor's offices and clinics. >> the number of children going to the emergency room
5:19 am
with a concussion has skyrocketed in recent years. as anita brikman reports, new research finds the number is high not just among teenagers, but also among younger athletes. >> matt had always dreamed of playing varsity football, but his first game was his last. during a routine play, he was hit in the head. had turned out to be a fatal brain injury. >> never in my wildest dreams would i think that our son was at risk of getting killed playing football in high school. >> head trauma and especially concussions with on the ride. a study found emergency room visits for sports related concussions doubled for 8 to 13- year-olds and tripled in the 14 to 19 year age group. >> they play with complete abandonment and hitting their heads a lot harder. >> symptoms of a concussion include headache, nausea, and
5:20 am
dizziness. neurologist dr. steven weinstine didn't realize her daughter was hurt. >> when she came off after the game. she said you know, dad, i don't remember playing the second half. >> several states adopted tougher limits on when athletes can resume play after a concussion. players go through mental and balance tests before the season, so if they do get hurt, they can be more accurately treated. anita brikman, 9news now. >> this isn't a new concern for professional athletes. it has been a widely publicized issue in the nfl. researchers say child athletes can be more vulnerable because their brains are still developing. treatment for concussion is rest both physically and mentally. activities like homework or video games can make symptoms worse. sports is next when the news continues. after missing training camp, redskins receiver, malcolm kelly shows up for practice. find out why he won't be playing thursday.
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5:24 am
first practice yesterday morning only to, wait for it, reinjure the hamstring he is out for thursday's game in arizona and after two plus seasons of disappointment, this could be the end of malcolm's rope. >> some guys, you know, unfortunately have that injury they can't overcome. there's a lot of competition and the people that are healthy and the people that go out to improve themselves get a chance to make this football team and chance to help us win. >> the list of players not playing thursday is getting longer by the minute. you know about kelly and donovan mcnabb. you can add clinton portis to the list. he has a sore ankle, so does mike sellers. willie parker and riley are question marks. >> if you are like me, you first saw venus williams when she was 10 and serena was 8. here's one that will make you
5:25 am
feel ancient. venus williams is now 30. after tweaking her knee at wimbledon, she was tentative, but served her way out of it. ten aces including one at 1:26. she cruised. andy won on his 28th birthday. so did melanie edan. meanwhile across town in dc. rogers clemens arraigned yesterday in federal court on six felony charges of perjury and lying to congress. the seven-die cy young winner pled not guilty on all counts. jury selection was set. he will likely serve no more than two. roger fedder federer, look at him on the run and a clean winner against brian. he did the same thing last year in the semifinals against novac. the guy is like picasso putting paint on the canvas. that's a quick look at sports
5:26 am
this morning. i'm brett haber, enjoy the u.s. open and have a great tuesday. >> it could be days before earl hits land if at all, but it appears people living along the east coast and our region are not taking any chances. i'm tara merger in washington. u.s. combat operations in iraq officially come to an end today. details coming up. live from south capital street, smooth commuting into dc. more shots of area roads and that hot forecast with howard.
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welcome back. i'm peggy fox in for andrea roane. angie will have or traffic in just a moment. here is howard. >> going to be another hot, steamy, not too steamy day. a hot day. one thing was, code red air quality also. yesterday was code orange and the air is unhealthy for all
5:30 am
groups. i posted information over on my blog at you can also track earl by down loading our hurricane tracker using some of the tools we have for you right there in our weather section at let's talk about what is happening outside. one thing we are not seeing is a lot of cool air. there's some low 60s, but we could easily be seeing 50s up across many areas of pennsylvania and new york state. we aren't seeing that. we have the 60s and even 70s here. we are 72 in town. 63 from reston and manassas. there may be a touch of fog out west. struggling this morning. a bunch of 66's there in prince georges county from andrews and brandy wine. this morning down in fairfax, you sit at 65. as we look at today at a glance, it's clear now and 72. we are going to warm up quickly. 79 by 9:00. low 90s at lunchtime. low 90s for the drive home. we top off 3:00, 4:00, about
5:31 am
95, 96. just like yesterday. angie. >> okay, overall so far, so good, folks. across virginia, maryland, and dc, now we do have one tieup that we are keeping an eye on. this is on going police activity, it's out in the germantown area. we do have a way to get around it. you're going to want to use 270, take that over to germantown road and that will be your best alternate. we are starting to fill out just a bit between 29 and georgia avenue and in virginia, 66, you will find your lanes wide open, making your way from 50 over to the beltway. peggy, back to you. hurricane earl is barreling towards the east coast after battering islands in the caribbean. the national hurricane center is now warning coastal residents in virginia and maryland to be on alert as we head into the holiday weekend. 9news now reporter, kristen fisher is live in the satellite center with the latest.
5:32 am
kristen. >> peggy, right now most residents along the virginia and maryland coast are simply watching and waiting to see what hurricane earl is going to do. it is currently projected to simply rush the east coast late thursday, but one community in maryland isn't taking any chances. residents in huntington town are racing against the clock to build a sea wall after a massive nor'easter washed away their beach last year. big waves almost destroyed their homes along the coastline. now the community is fighting back to hold back the sea as they brace for hurricane earl. >> they were sandbagging almost around the clock and everyone is pulling together to help each other out. >> some resistance to the energy in the water and hopefully that will keep the same thing from happening that happened before. >> hurricane danielle could be to blame for one death. the coast guard called off the search for a 20-year-old man
5:33 am
who went missing while swimming on saturday. three people were injured after getting battered by the waves, including a 51-year-old woman who suffered severe spinal cord injuries. rescuers fear that she may be permanently paralyzed. so this is no joke. so as we head into this holiday weekend, officials are urging anybody who might be heading to the virginia or the maryland coastline to just be extra careful, especially if you are planning on heading into the water. keep in mind that the rip tides that hurricane earl could bring will be much stronger than the ones we saw last weekend and we already know what happened there. be extra careful if you are planning on making a beach holiday this weekend. peggy. >> thanks very much, kristen. virginia's department of motor vehicles hopes to be fully up and running again by wednesday. a computer problem hits the dmz and other state agencies last week. peck experts say they fixed the hardware, but now they have to reload all the data and make sure it's valid. virginia state police say they
5:34 am
won't ticket you for driving on a license that expired during the computer crash. and if you are looking for new tags or registration, the dmv can handle that. frederick county police are looking into a hate crime. last friday afternoon, police say a man came back from biking and found his car vandalized. the car was parked, someone spray painted the words, white power on it, where the swastika sign is as well. plus, all four tires were slashed. the windshield cracked and the bumper passenger door and hood were all dented. >> there's been a lot of, you know, vandalism like the mailboxes and people's cars being broken into and a lot of four wheelers being stolen. and also scooters. at this point, police aren't releasing the identity of the victim. >> american combat operations in iraq officially come to an end today. more than seven years after the u.s. invasion began. vice president joe biden is in iraq to mark the occasion. president obama will address americans in a prime time speech later tonight.
5:35 am
you can see the president's address right here on channel 9 at 8:00 p.m. as tara reports, the president will tell americans that iraqis are now in charge of their own destiny. >> the end of america's combat operations in iraq mark the beginning of a new mission. >> what you'll see is the changing of a mission from one of combat to one of support. >> roughly 50,000 american forces will take part in operation new dawn. down from the nearly 170,000 that once patrolled the streets. still focused on stabilizing the country, training and advising security forces. vice president joe biden flew to iraq monday to reassure the nation of america's commitment. he'll preside over today's ceremonies and push leaders to end a stalemate. >> president obama heads to fort bliss, texas, this morning to meet with soldiers who served in iraq. later he'll return to the white
5:36 am
house to deliver a prime time address from the oval office. >> the president is expected to tell the american people iraqis are now in charge of their own destiny. but one phrase you won't hear, mission accomplished. > you won't hear those words coming from us. >> the remaining u.s. forces aren't expected to come home until the end of next year. even then some experts say that may not happen. >> recently the chief of staff of the iraqi army said we can leave the americans here as long as 2020. >> iraq recently seen a spike in violence, including a string of deadly attacks last week. tara for cbs news, washington. 5:36 and time for another living smart report, jessica doyle is back with us, the white house plans for the economy is back up. >> now of course the white house has been looking at ways to kick start the economy. we are getting more details about that. those measures could include bringing back the first time home buyers tax credit. the president spoke yesterday
5:37 am
and called on congress to pass a bill that is stalled out. now it's aimed at giving a boost to small businesses through tax cuts and other incentives. the president also said that he'll offer other specific ideas on the nation's economy and the days and weeks ahead. chrysler plans to bring the fiott brand back to the u.s. and now they are hoping the italian car will help boost sales. about 165 chrysler dealers will start selling the fiat later this week. more dealers are expected to sign on next year. fiat took control last year when it emerged from bankruptcy protection. >> if your employer offered to help, utilizing could save a lot of money. hsa's allow families of all ages and incomes to pay for health, vision, and dental care with pretax dollars. putting that money into the account makes your money go about 25% further. for more money saving advice, check out my blog, follow me on
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twitter and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. that's a big difference, 25%. >> i know. we do that. always good, too. see if you can save more. >> thanks a lot. check it out. well we'll take a welcome at the rest of the day's top stories when 9news now continues. including spiderman gets less than a warm welcome after scaling a building in australia. angie. all right, time to take a look at traffic. 50 headed westbound, we are on the move. we are incident free from the eastern shore all the way towards washington. more news, that's next, stay with us.
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5:40 am
welcome back. we are live from canal, very quiet out this way. more camera shots of the road you travel early. that's coming up. in the news now at 5:40. just four days after the 62- mile traffic jam in china was
5:41 am
cleared, drivers are once again backed up on the beijing, tibet highway, this time for 18 miles. the latest traffic jam was started by a combination of a car accident, freight transportation, and road maintenance work. a french skyscraper climber nicknamed spiderman was arrested after scaling a 57 story building in australia with his bare hands. robert was taken into police custody at the top of the building in downtown sydney. he climbed the building in 20 minutes as dozens of people watched from below. nasa has released a video that shows every asteroid discovered in orbit around the sun since 1980. the video was produced by combining almost 11,000 separate maps, one per each day of the 30 year period. the video uses time lapse photography squeezing those 30 years into just 3 minutes. the time now is 5:41. next when the news continues, a new survey reveals the best places to shop if you are
5:42 am
looking for the best deals. that's in this morning's consumer alert. >> northwest washington, we have many 60s, however, going to be another sizzler today. we'll talk about how much longer this heat wave is going to last. look at the latest satellite imagery of major hurricane earl. well defined eye. we'll let you know what hurricane earl is going to do when 9news now this morning continues. with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
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we have an update on a breaking news story we told you about at the top of the hour of montgomery county, maryland. police have two men in custody after a barricade situation in the 12,000 block of great park circle in germantown. neither man was harmed. police swept through the apartment looking for more people, but the place was empty. we have a sizzler as you call it coming up. >> yeah, temperatures back in the upper 9 os. 84, that's the average high for this date. >> typical august weather for
5:46 am
this area. >> typical summer. >> i have been hiking around glaciers, that's the way to cool off. >> rub it in. keep it to yourself, okay. let's talk about today. it's going to be another hot day and today the forecast is for code red air quality and it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. tell the kids they are likely going to be inside for recess and other things like that. keep yourself inside if you can during the day as ground level ozone is going to be higher than you want to be out in. noon temperature 92. 5:00 temperature 92. about 3:00, 4:00, that's when we top out now. 95, 96 is where we're headed. your bus stop forecast this morning, you know, it's clear, mild, 60s. warm up to the mid 70s in a few spots here toward the tail end of the bus hour. the sun coming up here in about 45 minutes or so. this afternoon, sunny and quite hot. not too humid. highs in the mid 90s. winds variable at 5 miles an
5:47 am
hour. tonight, clear and mild. low 60s to light 70s. 7:40 p.m. on that sunset. readings are in the 60s. with a touch of fog over toward warrenton. winchester, martinsburg in the low to mid 60s. frederick is down to 61. the bay keeping the naval academy warm at 72. jan called in, he is also in the low 70s this morning. and in the mountains, we have 61 in petersburg and cumberland. officially, 72 with barely a wind out of the north at 3 and a beautiful clear sky this morning. how about that moon approaching last quarter, looking good. thanks to high pressure right overhead basically. at the surface, upstairs all the sinking air, so going to be another tough day to find any clouds around here. head down to alabama, they had plenty of showers yesterday. some of that moisture coming off the gulf well to our west. it can't get here and won't for a few days. let's talk about earl in our weather headlines. this is what we know.
5:48 am
is this a major hurricane. category 3 with winds 111 or higher. large swells, today, tomorrow, thursday into friday morning as earl approaches. some beach erosion is likely regardless of the track and earl trailing away from us by friday afternoon, friday evening and earl is a monster of a storm. category 4. well defined. the eye clearly visible here with a big cold colors, so bright colors, the coldest thunderstorm. earl with winds of 135. going to track up through the northwest. still 135. maybe up to 140 and then as it approaches friday morning, check that out. 120-mile an hour winds. if we can get it east, we'll be in a better mind set. there it goes approaches cape cod. but this is a close call still and at the least, beach erosion, rip tides, and some issues in the water. mid 90s, more issues there
5:49 am
through tomorrow. lower 90s thursday and friday. and after earl passes and cool off into the low 80s for the weekend. it's 5:48. angie has an updated traffic report. >> that's what i have for you. rise and shine, everybody. drink up that coffee. wake up. right now no real problems across the immediate area, but out in germantown, we have been keeping our eye on this. this is on going police activity. it has ridge road closed right now in both directions at observation drive. your alternate is going to be 270, and hopping on 355 to get around it. meanwhile, notice 270 a little on the yellow. show you southbound around germantown road, that exit there, down towards montros. moving it into virginia, 395 headed northbound. i'm seeing more cars between duke over to seminary. that is building and finally, let's wrap it up with a train alert for you. we are hearing that mark train all southbound camden line trains, they are actually
5:50 am
running on the 25 minute to 30 minute delay. meanwhile, metro is on time. peggy, over to you. we have an important beef recall notice to tell you about. thousands of pounds of ground beef sowled at bj stores are being recalled. this after three e. coli related illnesses were reported. bj's is sending letters to customers. the product has a sell by date of july 1. but federal authorities suspect many people may have stored the meat in their freezers. they say throw it out or return the beef to get a refund. we are all trying to stretch our dollars these days, whether it is filling the school lists or our closets and 30,000 people weighed in recently with their take on the best deals around. lesley foster reports, their thoughts may help you find the best places to shop. >> we love to spend money at discount stores. you know some of them, target, k mart, wal-mart. 87% of the total retail sales
5:51 am
in the country are at discounters. a consumer report survey of 11 top stores show the deals aren't always there. >> wal-mart's prices are pretty good, we found that the deals are at least as good at ten other chains. >> 75% of wal-mart shoppers polled reported a problem such as long checkout lines and missing merchandise. target rated better, but it's cheap clothes didn't live up to the hype. >> we found that not everybody thinks that the cheap merchandise is anything to write home about. in fact, women's clothing and jewelry got below average scores. >> rock bottom prices at costco pushed this big box store to the top. >> i love the variety of merchandise and the price. >> great bargains. >> you won't find every product on costco shelves, but people rated their jewelry and watches as better than average, everyone the clothing selection, too. long lines to pay for it all was the only complaint.
5:52 am
>> besides being the top overall score, costco has a great return policy. one of the most generous in the business. with the exception of electronics, you can return anything at any time for any reason. >> lesley foster, 9news now. costco has a 90 day return policy for electronics, but unlike other retailers, you reasonable penalized for opening the packaging if you want to return it. another way to track down -- still to come when the news continues, paris hilton says she has a perfectly good explanation about the cocaine allegedly found in her purse. >> plus, it's not exactly a moment, but it appears peace is permeating the redskins locker room. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
5:53 am
with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. oh my goff, here's a look at what is buzzing in entertainment. the man who can play a mean guitar is splitting from his former wife, or his wife for nearly four years. the rocker filed for reports, siting irreconcilable differences. slash is seeking joint custody of their two sons. what has paris hilton been
5:56 am
chewing? i thought the cocaine was gum. hilton has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and will likely face probation rather than jail time. in local buzz, the clause came out as dozens get an upclose look at maryland, the crab capital of the world. we can walk through a plan and you can see them shedding. >> tim howard of the heritage foundation played tour guide at summer cove marina and it wasn't long before guests got a handle on what maryland crabs are all about. the picking and cracking, it went on all day at the restaurant, where a demonstration took place and that is the art of making it, maryland's official desert. this next report comes from the viewer. the katrina disaster wiped out businesses and changed lives
5:57 am
and the recent bp oil spill has inspired locals here to take action. reports to us at the local dc chapter of social media club in collaboration with, hosted the dc fundraiser. the date auction was held at the 5th and k street busboys and poets. organizer, andy says business and families in the gulf will benefit from the $1500 they all raised. and remember, we want your report too. visit my blog and see how you can submit your pictures, videos, or upcoming events for me to share right here on the air and send us your story ideas. now over to peggy. thank you very much. for the moment, albert haynesworth appears to be happy. if we go by history, prepare for more drama. greg shows us that for the moment, that is reveling in the peace and harmony. >> don't look now, but after all the offseason and training
5:58 am
camp controversies, albert haynesworth appears to be happy. >> it is good to see him smiling and joking around. >> albert should be feeling good against the jets he played with the first team took a majority of the snap at the defensive end, and above all else, albert played well. >> between him, get on the same page and playing some football. we can focus on that. >> not only has the hatchet been buried for now, he joked about his relationship with shanahan friday night. >> i'm going over to dinner at his house tonight and have a cigar and talk. >> to which shanahan responded -- >> he made me buy the drinks and the cigars. you guys put it out there. >> that story may be fiction, but this one is true. during friday's game, it was haynesworth who came to shanahan's rescue. >> i think i saved his life from getting hit in the head by a ball. >> he yelled lookout at the last second and hit about two
5:59 am
feet from me. i looked over and said i didn't know you cared. so i got him to smile a little bit. >> now albert is doing more than smiling, he's buying in. >> i'm going to play my best and so that's all we want to do. we want to win and that's the main goal is winning. >> i got a job to do and albert has a job to do. and his job to be the best football player he can possibly be and it's my job to see to it. >> greg tolan, 9sports now. you are watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm peggy fox. andrea is off this week. howard is here with our hot, steamy, sizzling forecast. >> humid humidity levels have dropped a little bit. we were 92 by lunchtime. it does heat up quickly. >> good thing the pools are still open. >> many aren't open until after school, though. >> fairfax county isn't in yet. >> montgomery county, you have to wait until school is


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